JoZilla Spotter's Guide

For the Open Source Code Java Browser
JoZilla Flash JoZilla Version .001 is now available here!

The JoZilla Project's goal is to develop an Open Source Code Internet resource browser in 100% Pure Java. You will need at a minimum the JDK 1.1.4 and JFC 1.0.

JoZilla Ver .001 Includes:
JoZilla Ver .001 has many limitations, and is very buggy. Visualize the first mammal clutching to the rock after it crawled out of the ocean. Brave, yes, but white, pale, sickly and gasping for air. Shh! Don't scare him!!

For one thing we are using the JFC HTML Renderer which is terrible (No frames, no ECMAScript, etc.), but it does browse simple pages off the net. Alexandre Lemieux and Omega Baphomet are in the process of building a new experimental HTML Renderer (an early version of which is included with the .001 source code but not integrated in .001 GUI.)

Expected Features for JoZilla Ver .002 include:
Note: Thesee .002 features are actually included with .001, if only in primitive buggy source code only, but .002 will actually integrate them into the GUI. The release date for JoZilla version .002 is May 10, 1998.

After you unzip and add "org" to your classpath you will want to go to org\jos\app\mm\subapp\jozilla and "java JoZilla".

Plese, send comments, suggestions, offers to help, and bug reports to, but please be gentle because this is very very very early code. Good luck!

Our team is part of the Java Operating System (JOS) collective, which is itself dedicated to creating, distributing, and supporting an Open Source Code operating system implementing the Java(tm) Platform.

JoZilla is part of the Experimental JOS Applications Group and is a member of the JOS XML Application Framework Group.

The Current JoZilla Team:
Don't be a dinosaur, go mammalian! Join the JoZilla team today! We really need your helping fingers running across your keyboard to keep the project alive!